Hear the Picture

Hear the Picture is an English word guessing game with a new, fun and crazy game rule that can challenge your English ability. Best to play with your friends and family

Let's see some examples:

      four + mat = format
      win + doe = window
      you + knight = unite
You can see, pronounciation in English is used to make game rule. So, the illustration of a picture does not tell the answer, but its combined sound does.
   In each picture of a level, you have to find out 2 words that the picture illustrated, then combined their sounds and make another difined word in English, almost not related to what the picture illustrated.
   You will have a tutorial at starting of game. If you get stuck, there are some tools to help you find out the answer.
   Not easy, but fun! Best to play with your friends and family.
   There are 100 levels to challenge your intelligent, and will be updated more.
   Thank you, and I hope to get reviews from all of you to make the game better!

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